Chairman Mr. Hu Zehong

Every sentence full of philosophical words, every honest thing comes from the story behind our chairman, and reflects the values of "integrity Xingda, win-win sharing, and return to society" that Xingda has always pursued... ..

Hu Zehong was born in 1967 in a poor family in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City. In 1984, in order to support his family, he went to work in a foreign-funded PCB factory before graduating from high school. Starting from the bottom of the staff, the daily salary was 2 yuan. At work, the first test was done, and finally the inspection and packaging were performed. No matter which position he works in, whether it is dirty work or heavy work, he rushes to do it, and he is happier when he has work hours because he can get overtime pay. Colleagues all laughed at him for being stupid: "Silly boy, you are so stupid, do more and do less, and it's only two or three dollars a day!". But Hu Zehong believes that if you do more, you will be happier, because only by doing more will you have the opportunity to learn more. Six months later, some of his colleagues began to think that the work was too hard and the wages were low, so they left the factory to find another way of life. . Now, recalling that experience, Hu Zehong often said: "No matter what position you are in, as long as you work hard, you will be easy to succeed; if you take the initiative, you will have more opportunities, and success will get closer and closer to you. The pyramid is very high, and there are only two animals that can reach the top: one is an eagle, and the other is a snail. If we are not an eagle, we should learn from the snail and use hard work and persistence to forge success. Many people in this world have not succeeded, no Because they are not smart enough, but because they are not stupid enough;

        If I hadn't been so "stupid" then and had been as smart as others, I'd certainly still be in the same situation now. "--- That part-time work experience has become a valuable asset for Mr. Hu Zehong in his life.

In 1987, Hu Zehong jumped to "solo". He and several partners invested 5,000 yuan each, the local government contributed 15,000 yuan, and the bank loaned 100,000 yuan. The joint venture established Xingda circuit board factory in Xiaolan, and started his 's first business. At the beginning of the business, at nearly 4 pm every day, Hu Zehong loaded the processed circuit board on a motorcycle and drove it to Dongfeng for delivery. Once, Hu Zehong went to Dongguan Zhangmutou for delivery, passed Guangzhou, and drove for six or seven hours. When he came back through the Shakou exit, the ticket collector smiled at him, and when he came back, he looked in the mirror, only to find his face. The dust and sweat stains on his face looked like a cat with a flower face. Seeing that he had become like this, Hu Zehong couldn't help but secretly laugh.

      Ten years of sharpening a sword, with constant pursuit, Hu Zehong invested more than 20 million yuan in 1997 to set up the second Xingda circuit board factory in Fusha Town, Zhongshan. By coincidence, the sudden Asian financial crisis caused Xingda circuit board factory to lose 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cards store, relying on the good reputation of many years of operation, Hu Zehong's friends extended a helping hand to him one after another, the bank is here very much. Period also happily offered him a loan.......

董事长 胡泽洪先生
"Instead of waiting, it is better to actively transform." While others were waiting for a turnaround, Hu Zehong began to think about the direction and way out of the business. Hu Zehong believed that the single production model that used to only be single-sided circuit boards should be changed. It can be developed in the direction of double-sided and multi-layer. After in-depth analysis of market prospects, Hu Zehong added more than 10 million yuan to develop double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards. At an equipment exhibition, he resolutely ordered several Germany's most advanced drilling machines. At that time, many colleagues thought that Hu Zehong was too stupid: "The market is so sluggish, and the investment is so large." In fact, due to the crisis at the time, many companies did not dare to purchase goods, and the materials were very cheap. At the same time, due to their rapid transformation and technological breakthroughs, the products were marketable. After a year of losses, the company finally began to make profits. .
    "Actually, as long as the internal skills are practiced, the better the quality, the cheaper the product, the faster the shipment, the better the service, and the greater the circuit board market prospect." For this reason, Hu Zehong's understanding is: "Xingda can definitely do better. Big, because I can do it smaller"; "The bigger the risk is, the bigger the risk will be. If you are not careful, the whole army will be wiped out." In this regard, Hu Zehong's understanding is that "no matter whether it is good or bad, it will be It is considered a bad thing to do, because risk and opportunity coexist, the risk is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you are not prepared and fall asleep!".
    "We are making progress every day"---In 2003, Hu Zehong spent more than 5 million yuan to acquire a circuit board factory under Shanghai Bell, and injected Xingda's market concept and management experience into the new enterprise. In August of the same year, Hu Zehong acquired another circuit board factory in Shenzhen and officially put it into operation, one qualitative leap after another, interpreting the truth of "achievement depends on people", growing in the storm of the market, Hu Zehong and his company's vitality comes from Based on the cultural concept of "We are improving every day".
      For more than ten years, Mr. Hu Zehong has insisted on studying and exercising. He often admonishes his employees: "Only by learning can you live to old age". No matter how busy the work is and how stressful it is, he always creates opportunities for study, training and sports activities in a planned way. In addition to frequent training and study at home and abroad, in 2001, he was also sent by the municipal government to the PBS International School of Administration and Management in Singapore to conduct modern excellent corporate leadership training. He also insisted on studying MBA courses in Shenzhen.
       Mr. Hu Zehong always regards employees as his greatest capital. First, he regards employees as a complete person, and then he regards them as factory employees. He treats employees like family. Every year when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, he will buy a hardcover moon cake for each employee in advance. For outstanding employees, he also writes condolence letters in person, and then sends boxes of moon cakes to the employees' homes. During the Chinese New Year, he will also order more than 1,000 copies of Zhongshan's specialty "almond biscuits" for employees to bring to their families. Since 1997, the company has set up a security fund for employees, and set up a special committee to manage the fund specifically to solve the employees' worries. All employees who are in urgent need such as illness can apply for the "security fund". Once, a female employee named Chen Fumei gave birth to twins but was worried because she was financially poor and could not afford the cost of the newborn. After Mr. Hu Zehong heard about it, he immediately sent thousands of yuan in cash to the struggling employee. Help her get through this difficult time. From beginning to end, Mr. Hu Zehong instilled a topic of social responsibility to his employees: we should not only produce products, but most importantly, cultivate and cultivate talents for the society.
       Mr. Hu Zehong is always good at using corporate culture to irrigate the hearts of employees. He regularly organizes interpersonal communication or professional knowledge and technical training courses and English, ERP management training, etc., and takes employees to study abroad. Through organized learning, carry out various activities, improve the quality of employees, make employees participate in competition, learn to compete, and cultivate teamwork spirit.
      In the eyes of ordinary people, Hu Zehong is already a successful person, but he often says with a smile: "Actually, I have been starting a business, and I am not qualified to keep it. The saying that success is the mother of failure is very reasonable, that is, success in the past. You will think that if you operate in this mode in the future, you will be successful, but it is not true. And everything you have now is all given by the big family of society.”
In order to thank and repay the society, Mr. Hu Zehong is keen on social welfare undertakings, and often makes huge donations to schools and charities at all levels. At the beginning of 2006, Mr. Hu Zehong donated 50,000 yuan to the Fusha Chamber of Commerce. Now, Mr. Hu Zehong also subsidizes the tuition fees and living expenses of 12 out-of-school children. While dedicating his love, he also sublimates the spiritual realm of all employees.
       Mr. Hu Zehong led Xingda to run the company with a high sense of social responsibility with the values ​​of "Xingda with integrity, win-win sharing, and return to society". In recent years, the international electronics industry has high environmental protection requirements for circuit boards, and circuit boards have entered the era of low profit, but Mr. Hu Zehong still devoted great efforts to the circuit board business, and at the expense of increasing huge production costs, he invested heavily in purchasing a large number of environmental protection equipment. In order to provide the society with completely environmentally friendly circuit board products. It also avoids those circuit board products with low price and high pollution from occupying the market too much, which will bring health hazards to consumers.
      The culture of an enterprise is the culture of enterprise operators. Mr. Hu Zehong is leading all Xingda people to wipe the resounding brand "Xingda". Xingda has successively won the "Chinese Consumers Recognized Famous Brand Product" and "Guangdong Excellent Light Industry Product". And "2006 Integrity Convention Member Unit". Since 2004, Mr. Hu Zehong has also served as the vice chairman of the fourth council of the Zhongshan Self-employed Workers Association and the Fusha Branch of the Zhongshan Private Enterprise Association. After the establishment of Fusha Chamber of Commerce in October 2005, Mr. Hu Zehong was elected as the first president. Today, a Xingda Industrial Park covering an area of ​​160 mu has been put into use, and Xingda people are striding forward!